What happens if you get malaria? My Sister Got Malaria – Smarter Every Day 167 – 2017


What happens if you get malaria?
My Sister Got Malaria ….(And I Didn’t) – Smarter Every Day 167

0:00hey it’s me Destin welcome back to
0:01smarter every day i was asked by Bill
0:04and Melinda Gates yes really
0:06if I wanted to collaborate with them and
0:08make a video about global health issues
0:09now here’s the deal when you think about
0:11let’s make a video about global health
0:13issues you think about statistics and
0:15numbers and like money or you think
0:19about your sister who served in the
0:21Peace Corps in sub-saharan Africa where
0:23over ninety percent of all malaria cases
0:24happened where she got malaria today on
0:28smarter every day I want to just rewind
0:30the clock and go take you on a trip that
0:32I went on to go visit her in sub-saharan
0:33Africa and then we’ll just ask you was
0:36like get malaria that looks fun video
0:38let’s do it

0:51alright storytime several years ago my
0:56friend Steve oh and my sister Reagan
0:58were both station with the Peace Corps
0:59in west africa i decided to visit and
1:02check up and see what their efforts were
1:04like I flew to carson ago where Steve oh
1:06man me and would travel to the gambia
1:08via set class which is a word that means
1:10a car with seven pieces were all crammed
1:13in there and it was really cool going
1:15across the desert like that but we
1:16traveled all the way to a city called
1:17therapy me in the gambia first Ebola
1:20station as a Peace Corps volunteer and
1:22computer scientists he was working at
1:24the local organizations try to help them
1:26figure out computerized records keeping
1:28and even simple stuff by having it
1:29centers to work
1:31I of course wanted to contribute by
1:32teaching math and science so I managed
1:34to get some model rockets in the country
1:36Sestito and I can have a local I don’t
1:38know rocket workshop we call it with the
1:40kids they were super excited and
1:43everything work out perfect
1:45anyway what’s a mosquito and his head
1:47every night sweats in a hammock under a
1:49mosquito net this was there to prevent
1:51me from getting malaria is on the other
1:53side of the reasons for me with stealing
1:55so stressed and modem is a hilarious guy
1:58and we love to drink tea with each other
1:59in place travel we have a lot of fun
2:02together but one day he’ll agree to take
2:04me to see what mo did your day job he
2:07worked at a local health clinic where I
2:08got to see the front lines of what the
2:10battle against malaria looks like
2:12these guys have microscopes that were
2:14just like mine at my house but they were
2:15something that’s really small room where
2:17sanitation was a challenge because they
2:19have limited supplies anyway they were
2:21doing the best they could with what they
2:23had they were standing the blood and
2:25then looking at it under the microscope
2:26to try to see what blood cells had
2:28malaria in it I didn’t have a very good
2:30camera at the time so i came home bought
2:33these human pathogen slides and then we
2:37are sitting here using the same type
2:39microscope looking at malaria and what
2:43does it look like Larry yes I look at
2:47him like so I’m you look at a bloody
2:49mary is the exponent of red blood cells
2:52while malaria looks like in large shrimp
2:54white cell with a Darkin stain so when
2:59the malaria gets inside of the red blood
3:03cell you doing here is the site it can
3:05sometimes look like a white blood cell
3:07because it’s an enlarged down that that
3:11has thoughts and a parking spot so that
3:13works gets bigger and then eventually
3:14blows the red blood cell up from the
3:16inside out how his team have ok i’ll be
3:19honest i had to research how malaria
3:21works it’s like this
3:23malaria is caused by a parasite that
3:25lives inside of mosquitoes who
3:26previously taken a blood meal from
3:27another human we know that part right
3:30this is the part I didn’t know when the
3:31mosquito bites the next person they
3:33released this parasite called the sports
3:35sites in the human’s blood stream which
3:37then makes its way to the person’s liver
3:39cells the incubation period in the liver
3:41cells anywhere between 7 and 30 days and
3:44at that time it starts to consume those
3:46cells and transformed into the next
3:48phase called the marriage the whites
3:49where it will multiply until the liver
3:51cells explode don’t explode it makes its
3:55way to the other red blood cells and
3:56then starts to repeat the process by
3:59multiplying until those red blood cells
4:00explode and then pretty much the whole
4:02immune system is out of whack
4:04you’ve got fever chills headache nausea
4:06vomiting body aches
4:08it’s bad severe cases of malaria can
4:11call the coma seizures kidney failures
4:13or even death
4:15it’s a really big deal so obviously mode
4:17is efforts in this clinic were super
4:19important if you can diagnose malaria
4:21quickly you can treat it
4:23after finishing our visit therapy we
4:25traveled be a set plans back to ban
4:27jewel the capital the gambia where we
4:29caught a flight down to three town
4:30Sierra Leone which is the capital city
4:32mr. Reagan Medicare and then we travel
4:34over land via taxi to her village which
4:37was called man oh my sister taught a
4:39secondary school so Steven I jumped in
4:41and helped where we could teaching math
4:43to the students playtime with the
4:45village was really fun i got to play
4:46with the kids and show them all these
4:47different types of flying toys that I
4:49brought with me but one day the locals
4:51decided to come take me and steve 02 a
4:53local swimming holes there were ladies
4:55that remaining four gold there we
4:57learned how to fish with net but I
4:59noticed something in the water flat out
5:02there were three meet a bunch of rocks
5:07all around and on that far side there’s
5:11some Rapids but when the water goes down
5:14during the dry season you have these
5:16individual pedals that form this one
5:19appears to have some Marvin it some kind
5:21of animal in each each one have not it
5:24is not like worms in the back of my mind
5:26I thought things might be mosquito eggs
5:28but didn’t really know I came home in
5:30research and found this video from the
5:32nineteen forties which shows that
5:34mosquitoes lay eggs in these little
5:36bitty wraps the eggs and hatch and later
5:39become larvae which then turned into
5:40pupae after a couple of days when it’s
5:42fully developed it takes in air and then
5:45swells and splits the people skin and
5:47inject itself it’s really kind of freaky
5:49actually the males are typically
5:51vegetarian while the females seek out
5:53blood and drink it whenever they can get
5:55it anyway apparently a female mosquito
5:58got ahold of my sister because at some
6:00point during her time in Africa she got
6:02malaria my sister like to travel
6:04particular figure for right now she’s
6:06going to Columbia but when you were in
6:07Sierra Leone you got malaria right
6:10what was it like it’s basically had a
6:16fever and I remember having a fever ever
6:18before that moment was still wedding I
6:23had to take a blood drop step in the
6:25area and I meant proximate and and
6:28travel City and west
6:31ok if you watch the news you’re gonna
6:33hear that everything is getting worse
6:35it’s not the world is getting better and
6:37there’s reasons to be optimistic malaria
6:39research is one of those things over the
6:41last 15 years the amount of money poured
6:44in malaria research has gone up tenfold
6:45resulting in a sixty percent decrease in
6:48mortality due to malaria my sister being
6:51one of those hundreds of thousands of
6:53people that didn’t die that would have
6:54died 15 years ago
6:55that’s a really big deal of course the
6:57goal is zero deaths due to malaria but
7:00hey we’re on the right track and we need
7:02to be optimistic not just for malaria
7:04but in general a hundred and twenty-two
7:07million children have been saved by
7:09these efforts since the nineties if you
7:11look at the data collected by the
7:12Institute of Health metrics and
7:13evaluation childhood mortality rate
7:15across the board has decreased from 12.1
7:18million deaths in 1990 all the way down
7:21to 5.8 in 2015
7:23that’s huge i told you that this video
7:25was a collaboration with Bill and
7:27Melinda Gates and what they’ve asked me
7:29to do the only ask is that they wanted
7:31you to check out their annual letter so
7:34what I’m going to do is leave a link
7:35down in the video description the top
7:37link and what they do is every year they
7:39write goals things are thinking about
7:41doing and then they strategize on how to
7:43execute on these goals and the result is
7:45less people that died
7:47it’s a really good thing and I’m more
7:49than happy to collaborate with an effort
7:50like that anyway if this video added any
7:53value to your life at all please
7:55consider subscribing and hitting the
7:56bell to be notified next time
7:58smartereveryday uploads if not that’s no
8:00big deal please check out the gates
8:02annual letter and its really interesting
8:04I mean these people have a strategy
8:06they’re going to execute on the strategy
8:09and the result of that is thousands of
8:11people not dying
8:12that’s cool it’s worth reading the
8:14letter anyway I hope you enjoy this
8:16I’m Destin you’re getting smarter every
8:18day have a good one upon columbia don’t
8:22get Zika or
8:23on malaria ok

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