What movie did Barack Obama take Michelle on their first date? Trivia Answered – 2017


What movie did Barack Obama take Michelle on their first date?

Do the Right Thing

Answer: The president and the first lady had their first date at the movies. The 27- and 25-year-old spent several hours together, visiting the Art Institute of Chicago and catching a screening of Do the Right Thing, the new Spike Lee movie about racial unrest in sweltering Brooklyn. Michelle said, “He was trying to show me his sophisticated side by selecting an independent filmmaker.” “So Spike, thank you for helping me impress Michelle,” Obama joked. “And thank you for telling a powerful story.

Today, I’ve got a few more grey hairs than I did back in 1989. You don’t look like Mookie anymore. But ‘Do the Right Thing’ still holds up a mirror to our society, and it makes us laugh, and think and challenges all of us to see ourselves in one another.”

Do the Right Thing is a 1989 American comedy-drama film produced, written, and directed by Spike Lee, who also played the part of Mookie in the film. Other members of the cast include Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Richard Edson, Giancarlo Esposito, Bill Nunn, John Turturro, and Samuel L. Jackson. It is also notably the feature film debut of both Martin Lawrence and Rosie Perez. The movie tells the story of a Brooklyn neighborhood’s simmering racial tension, which comes to a head and culminates in tragedy on the hottest day of summer.

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