Who is the artist behind the famous painting of”Dogs Playing Poker”? – 2017


Who is the artist behind the famous painting of “Dogs Playing Poker”?

C.M. Coolidge

Actually, Coolidge produced multiple paintings of dogs playing poker.

The one you’re probably thinking of is called “A Friend in Need” and shows a sneaky pit bull passing an ace to his buddy. Over the years, the paintings became surprisingly popular and have led to many imitators, as well as paintings of dogs playing various sports and games. Who knew? Despite this, getting your pets together to gamble is most likely not a good idea. Source: Mental Floss

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (September 18, 1844 – January 24, 1934) was an American artist, mainly known for his series of paintings Dogs Playing Poker. Known as “Cash” or Kash in his family, he often signed his work in the 19th century with the latter spelling, sometimes spelling out his entire name, for comic effect, as Kash Koolidge.

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