The first movie to be named Worst Picture – Can’t Stop the Music – 2017

The first movie to be named Worst Picture

Village People Cowboy Randy Jones on Razzie-Winning Cult Classic ‘Can’t Stop the Music’ and Co-Star Caitlyn Jenner

Thirty-six years ago, entertainment publicist John Wilson held a potluck Oscar party at his Los Angeles home, and — inspired by a double feature of the infamous movie musicals Xanadu and Can’t Stop the Music — he decided to launch his own informal awards show, the Golden Raspberry Awards, or “Razzies,” to recognize the worst in film. The latter movie — starring costumed boy band Village People, Steve Guttenberg, and Valerie Perrine; directed by Nancy “Rhoda’s Mom” Walker; and co-written by Allan Carr of Grease fame — was ultimately named Worst Picture at the inaugural Razzies, beating out Olivia Newton-John’s roller-disco disaster.

Obviously the title Can’t Stop the Music was incredibly nonprophetic, since Village People’s poorly timed flick came out in 1980, when disco music was well on its way to being stopped. But decades later, the movie has its undeniable charms. It’s notable for its lavish Busby Berkeley productions, its toe-tapping/rump-shaking boogie anthems like “YMCA” and “Milkshake,” and, of course, the first starring cinematic performance by the future Caitlyn Jenner, then known as Bruce.

Yahoo Music recently spoke with the Village People’s affable original Cowboy, Randy Jones, about this fascinating era in pop culture: when disco made way for new wave, Bruce made way for Caitlyn, and Can’t Stop the Music paved the way for decades of so-bad-they’re-good celluloid classics.

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