Aly Raisman On Her Gold Medal Body & Overcoming Her Insecurities | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit – 2017

Aly Raisman On Her Gold Medal Body & Overcoming Her Insecurities | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

0:00i implement BP can i am joined here
0:03today with our editor of 4th illustrated
0:05swim MJ day and be beautiful adorable
0:10insanely palace medallion Raisman
0:13everybody give it up
0:15I mean you brought home of metals for us
0:20we owe a lot to you and now you have
0:22been kind enough to grace us with that
0:26amazing us out of class
0:29you look incredible in the magazine like
0:31absolutely Father strong confident
0:35amazing beautiful woman and you start
0:37with doing since we re yes I i had
0:39actually thought with James before so
0:40it’s very comfortable and I’m sure as
0:42you know it’s like your surprise
0:44yourself how comfortable you are when
0:46you’re shooting I was like he’s one of
0:47my favorite days of my life and not even
0:49just saying that because I felt so
0:51confident so strong so feminine and it’s
0:55an incredible feeling because i feel you
0:56a couple years ago I wouldn’t have had
0:57the confidence to do it and I i’m sure

1:00you can agree it’s so empowering be out
1:02there and you just you have insecurities
1:04like everyone else your body’s not
1:06perfect but you know you feel honored
1:08during security please tell i don’t know
1:10i mean everyone has been secured how do
1:12you have in everyone’s oh really well I
1:15used to be so insecure i thought my arm
1:16searching muscular but now i’m growing
1:18to like you know who we got it this is I
1:20guess the point right is that everyone
1:22thinks because you’re gonna be
1:22absolutely because you’re inflicting
1:24enormous celebrity superstar model that
1:27your world is perfect and that you think
1:29everything about yourself is perfect and
1:31doesn’t matter if you look like you or
1:32you or meet think we all have our issues
1:33and and you know the world should know
1:36that I mean we should love everything
1:38that we’re here and what we’re working
1:40with because we’re still pretty awesome
1:41and that’s why we love working with
1:43every day and that’s why we left hand
1:45today when i first met you we exchanged
1:47phone numbers and you were just kind of
1:50starting this you know role of really
1:52becoming like you celebrity basically
1:54how do you feel walking on a red carpet
1:56it’s weird because we feel so out of
1:58your element i’m used to like being and
2:00we’re starting competing and it’s like
2:02the focus is on my gymnastics and then
2:03when you come here it’s kinda like the
2:05focus is more on your look it’s
2:07definitely different but i really
2:08enjoyed and I love
2:09getting to know all these girls has been
2:11so fine and I’ve met so many amazing
2:13people that you know inspire me and just
2:16it’s kind of like I’m living my dream
2:18right now so I never imagined i got
2:20humanely and fire everybody else your
2:22father I never imagined it would be my
2:24light up crazy alright Ellie’s appears
2:27to you thank you so much for being
2:29incredibly cute yeah i’m saying i do
2:32it’s an honored out here here how you
2:36humans pretty again if you like what you
2:38see it make sure you subscribe you never

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