BREAKING THE RULES AT SKYZONE! (Kicked Out) Youtube Video Transcription – 2017


BREAKING THE RULES AT SKYZONE! (Kicked Out) Youtube Video Transcription

0:00integration my god i think what’s up
0:10guys we are back here a sky zone showing
0:13we got the whole squad got Brian’s which
0:14athletes using fucking pussy you got gee
0:16if you got in mind for more videos and
0:19we got DJ but now Alex you’re new to the
0:23blog tell me name make this Nick make
0:26this your brother right brother if I got
0:29so last time they came here to supervise
0:30were talking about is how I’m always
0:32guys on workers like asking about me
0:34Stefan alimony silent and i love off
0:36around good time enough for go here and
0:37find out
0:39no they don’t try we’re gonna get some
0:40flips it around go to happen before we
0:45go inside the guys make sure to check
0:46out all my social medias I’ll be right
0:48here like usual check them out make sure
0:49to him is your let’s get 40k about x
0:52videos that we got that 40,000 like a
0:55hundred away easy we got that guy
0:56Thank You ensign oh alright so we’re
0:59gonna get warmed up to a few books and
1:01then a little bit too we get into
1:05hopefully somebody dies healthy-looking
1:08right here
1:10I requirements are often forfeit with a
1:13few quick looks funky no head over the
1:15championship dodgers

1:36I got to resist you for some point we’re
1:41going to try the sky slam things here
1:42working here at my girlfriend’s today
1:45learn double 470 back from the crowd
1:48after that but I’m defending this guy
1:50flying things right back where
2:03he just said he’s going to go around the
2:06back with you
2:15Paul almost crying up with some faggotry
2:19said okay we have to say about that
2:22looks like he’ll continue backwards
2:25today we’re going backwards
2:29nice dark forces model
2:37on the regular please
2:46everybody do oxide all I break my next
2:52book I didn’t rise actually seven
2:57schools before off more than kids up you
2:59got this right now
3:01don’t get it
3:06oh that was good i’ll just tell ya
3:13no haha next drive i got to dadeland is
3:19right here you gotta smash the like by
3:20forum master like my god
3:30no that’s account dressed like by the
3:33calorie count on one hand
3:35chuckling I simply took out the back
3:37look I’m have to get the 720 back for
3:39double school whatever you want to call
3:41it together right now we got the shit
3:43moment you call
4:12are you done
4:15mike has no breasts are you okay do you
4:18need cpr at the energy will be all right
4:22here with nothing about myself but try
4:28to bend over while all right now as you
4:30got to be my kids down i might have to
4:32take over as channel if he doesn’t get
4:34off what you know now understand you
4:37guys look like it’s not like going the
4:39longest I got you guys about trying to
4:42the screen is backwards
4:50no they go let’s get it I got out he had
4:53a little situation and Dawson kids
4:54talking shit got a little carried away
4:56so we someone like five games are on the
4:59now put his words let’s go for hydro fix
5:02what we’re going to do a few more foot
5:04and then you can we get you after you DJ
5:08your front flip and land on the wall
5:19every time we go to struggling but I
5:21guess someone every time we go
5:23those are my three I got about 200 some
6:11the signature dropkick by DJ right there
6:14he did a chaplain to travel with freakin
6:16job kick right there
6:17we’ll see if any more job keeps going
6:18down tonight the funny thing is simple
6:44purple-black just all my god they’re in
6:50your ball erasing the races
6:56who’s gonna win oh look we’re going to
7:00kick out
7:13just take each other just told us to get
7:19out like 15 times with the stand and
7:21walk away and come back like everything
7:53got it
8:05no time to people
8:12I got to send our jump times over but
8:15we’re all going to running us they’re
8:16hot will just 12
8:44she didn’t catch me that everybody else
8:46got kicked out and I’m staying here by
8:53I back Fulop this like one of you ready
9:02they often down again and still in here
9:07you guys are down we’re going to run to
9:08close on down
9:11posted he got caught I was ready for
9:19foam up or do you not gonna do it from I
9:23don’t wanna hear no one of the local and
9:26I went out there excuse here so all you
9:28got off along
9:38I want to look like you’re going to go
9:51my god
10:18you got it
10:22they’re mad as hell right now all those
10:24kids on the floor working deal with
10:25because all work it out some of the
10:28floor and then you’re saying thanks for
10:30showing up now we’re actually about got
10:36kicked out
10:38check out the skies on we gotta go now
10:40guys automotive tech Mike before we go
10:46Mike looked at and
10:52forgotten we’ve been struggling right
10:55now the other kids playing dogs with
10:59others down so hard sex
11:01alright but should start to tell come on
11:03auto brightness will get it
11:05there we go so it’s better oh my gosh so
11:09we’re going to have to a car meet also
11:11him over there just a little bit overdue
11:13and then send it off i like it i guess
11:17we just arrived at this car me right now
11:18it’s only like my car like like scion
11:21fr-s of the RC + 86 himself holidays
11:24from a few of them
11:26this guy’s making like a rock
11:27communicated ship
11:35watching their shit their ship might
11:37maybe cover my got a rocket bunny can
11:39wash it lights up i watch this but my
11:43shit lights up
11:44that’s right can’t beat that yeah so
11:49like that
12:02maybe should have to be working I just
12:05want the camera already having a client
12:10for now
12:12yeah we’re talking so yeah we seen this
12:15guy walmart department actually
12:22for myself
12:28I’m going to have to film this car to
12:29this is trading
12:37hi guys so i just showed you guys a
12:39little bit of these cars we were going
12:40to come over here so I think i mighta
12:41got some a little bit
12:43mama and off the video i hope you guys
12:44enjoyed make sure to like comment
12:46subscribe check out all my social medias
12:47I’ll be right here again on fog out for
12:51you got hope you guys just guys on clips
12:52to everybody and shit drop cakes all
12:54that stuff
12:55let me know if you guys want to see guys
12:57on doing your chairs will get that done
12:58luv u all peace

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