What are your thoughts about the choice for the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos? – 2017

What are your thoughts about the choice for the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos?

Absolutely horrible. People aren’t looking into her background or her Amway connections.

Amway, number one, is an unequivocal scam. It has international status. When so many people in China were getting ripped off by Amway and copycat MLM scams, there were riots and it was rendered illegal. But Amway bribed their way back into China.

Amway and DeVos are from some oddball Fundamentalist Christian groups who believe Evolution is a scam, the Earth is 6000 years old, and that Bibles should replace science books. I attended Amway conferences and heard some of their stars, Paul Miller for instance, state this. The audience cheered.

Never mind the DeVos connections to Blackwater/Academi- her brother Erik Prince, the mercenary founder of this organization, which commits murders in the name of the USA. (I think he should have drinks with William Calley, brother-in-arms).,

What’s worse is that while trying to hand out Bibles to public schoolchildren, she’ll be selling Nutrilite Vitamins and Xs Energy drinks to them. Seriously! That’s how Amway works, by pushing this on every single person they know or even encounter.

DeVos is absolutely clueless. She and her cronies make Christians look like absolute fools.

DeVos may be the worst choice imaginable for Secretary of Education.

Forget the arguments about guns, and all the political trash. The ONE concern about public education is this: What kind of graduates are they producing?

DeVos is a disaster. Her wealth is based on a scam, and her beliefs concerning education are positively ignorant – and weird.

PS: I circulated among the “big wigs” of Amway and I’ve known many victims of the scam. Anyone remotely associated with Amway, especially Betsy DeVos, should be avoided like the plague. These are unconscionable con artists. A Scientologist would have been a better choice.

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