Making mini chicken nuggets and drinks with Ro and iJustine youtube Video – 2017

Making mini chicken nuggets and drinks with Ro and iJustine youtube Video

:hey I’ve always not hanging out road :today I don’t love you and your setup it :just looks so good okay we walked out :because it is usually raining every day :in California we and luck if you have :all the south and we can go back to :Hawaii and figure out why we just own :taste test challenge on road channel :feel good what was it :Oh pineapple treat and we have two :children do me a favor and pineapple or :not ok we are going to be making :something super super exciting and i did :a video remain tiny little people and :these are tiny little chicken nugget :oh my god ok not although computers with :nerdy nummies :this is not only it’s different and :got different brand ok many nugget maker :super tiny people grill chicken nuts :people with painful nuggets and when :they can call it chicken because i think :its meal chicken tender and perfect for :dipping :after we make those we’re going to make :some little drink all of it :

oh my god you were considering it’s like :a whole sort of patient ya PI work on :our chicken nuggets whatever they are :yeah I always destroy everything you :believe of thing really opens up into my :video so I’m going to do and they’re :really ok let’s open these little oh :interesting i think the direction :direction inside believe any of it :perfect ok always shaking out how is :fixed to the dis- that requiring use :this decision makers should be performed :by an adult :we’ve got a few adults today to a little :thing we have an adult and to pay :open the negative packet makes nine of :nugget powder for suits of water we have :water from this number site :

yeah it’s not like all right this is :meat chicken me one you want to do a :couple response beautiful beaches like :to be very precise and exact memory :no max baby you’re right :definitely miss that was formerly one :measurement is this makes it likely hear :the children will be ages of six o’clock :why he got worse problems confronting :for your kind of making double just like :chicken nuggets have you ever seen :anything like the killers like Jo it :doesn’t really look like in that game :and then separate the mixture into four :equal parts and roll into balls here you :go here’s your reminder help me of :burning when you open something we’re :eating just keep that in mind maybe :mouths like a burnt almond you know how :you guys have had ramen noodles i love :them because you don’t like a burnt oh :we’re visiting the what to say after the :Lord always adding else piece of bread :crumbs attacking facing this is what you :marry when you prepare food do you :prepare your meat and then you probably :know you’re going to be like a baked :chicken :I don’t really think about the question :where do you put that when you’re doing :up at a little healthy water oh right :when you’re done :step English :take me now this is fucking killing :their first night got different in kind :this makes can move it so you got you :doing this :ok we’re only going to make for our :chicks looking :oh hmm we need a microwave got one for :what are you doing like that for another :and I without me you’re you’re on the :table :okay great coral and we already need for : seconds :I have to get an extension cord i right :now and we bake for seconds amazing :dad goes here makes together two scoops :of the ketchup packets it’s not red :isn’t going to turn red :I have no I you look at it quite right :a turning red now what ok so we’re going :to mix this up so this looks just like :the chicken only thread right :Oh think men there yup start chicken :math here we go look :he uses the high-powered microwaves :being so hopefully well but who smelled :like chicken and now we gotta wait :back you can take it out a little :oh my gosh i think it smells like an :eraser they don’t like me Stephanie :razor in the micro pave a road he hiding :it because ago or shower with some :company :one chicken is a lot again kind of smell :like an eraser alcoholic up like this :smell :I think this was my you can amass :proposition from here I’ll take it out :it’s okay one of the pieces of advice :but they give two adults is avoiding :gradients coming into contact with your :eyes :oh that step eight right here is this :nugget in the cast of socks and enjoy :step increase with countries the :closest to me with warmth is one warm :give you a little depth definitely not :because you’re shy or by enjoy this for :you need to hold you to say goodbye :it’s a bite at cycle is bread was like a :little role in writing :Susannah OH yep contain wheat and milk :and soy nobody’s gonna like the bread :the customer was what was this it’s :definitely lighter than going to pick up :in a very dark red silly creatures want :two people to their me to beat because :of all that my finger and taste it was a :fluke but it’s pretty jealous really :spicy it is really freaking if it’s :gonna be like ketchup :it’s like um i think when i said before :a bullion cube a little ice cube looks :like a liquid version of that other have :a little p we got to make these during :that yes I think this will be a little :bit better :[Music] :science looks like a science kit melting :fast machines house :this looks to be a little more :complicated than our previous yeah maybe :I shouldn’t open up a cola shop :ok oh shoot when we missed one specific :filter is litter refers to one’s a :lot i think it was no worries you :resulting we missed that i yeah that :this was step one meet you know that you :make surveyed the picture looks like :step one where it would accept this big :picture with step you it was that let me :know that was like step one we both :didn’t see it :oh all right direction matter ok is :pretty mean i think was the line okay we :gotta figure out with one of those the :risk we’re not going to mess up what :we’re gonna do this right to be a little :bit guilty :yeah that’s cool dissolve I wonder if it :takes awhile for his dissolved you have :rules right between the movie usually :pretty specific it here you want to the :public or more Mountain blew it has like :science class you have squeezed all the :air and they call it appear dropper but :you could also if the mini pipette yeah :effective with the is :I would wait I remember there being a :brown one :oh my god i probably lost i don’t think :it really matters :everything’s good Matt more amusing one :but alright :oh and with hiding you write you this :one we need three scoops of vanilla mate :told us because M so replace that pink :of water to the fill line that should be :aligned there somewhere else :one so i mix it up just being mixed make :make sure you mix well :so everything’s looking good when you :three scoops of baton charge and that we :hear back the end of step :hey what half way full with vanilla very :nice doesn’t say how many drops you can :pick whatever will flavor anymore LOL :blue myself I didn’t see that doesn’t :say that’s what five drops you place :your drink underneath turn the knob and :add the powder add a curly strong and :enjoy the truck to not be mixing yeah :just doing the perfect :no I don’t think so he addresses and :then we add a straw and enjoying this :could surprise us just seeing this could :be this means that you might not make it :our next video :all right whoo :it would take like having everyone knows :liquid airborne definitely have a very :alcoholic like those the f not on :actual weird appliances oh I got all the :deli :yeah so i would suggest drinking :these through the straw because we drink :to the store you don’t get any of that :jelly :ok this is a lot of jelly I’d rather eat :kind of those chicken nuggets and drink :one of these now you have met with the :greatest so its business without really :giving a science reaction here like that :oh no what do you speak unless it was a :law steps to make so dad when I felt :like using a mini photostream would’ve :been easier just a lot of work for :nothing :yeah I don’t know kids these problems :that one you want to view it just never :got into a liquid state there’s feelings :there’s solid material at the bottom but :it was fun to do the science experiment :part like I like to an already that was :fun let’s get everything we can to get a :shot of local government leaks like :level that I feel like it tastes like :when you wanna know your throat if you :the fourth row so that’s it :I thank you guys for watching I hope you :enjoyed this a little more than :integrating it i didn’t making it :yeah we go i have been making and I :actually enjoyed the chicken onion in :war and photos yeah finally it wasn’t :bad it wasn’t good it wasn’t very bad :yeah we’re gonna I was expecting i’m :expecting the legs a little soda during :floor :yeah I ended up liking a little like :wheat nuggets and we’ll say it was super :fun to make so thank you for watching :making people creation with me i’m so :excited you have so many more to go i :decided to start investing you very nice :little piece that huh and now we’ve done :so we’ll nugget :yeah I feel like you might need to do a :sweet treat me you’ll see the cupcakes :we can do those friend :ok well thank you so much for watching :make sure you check out rose channel :open all the links in the description :and be sure to watch the fun taste-test :challenge that we did an online apple :candy that was really good i only got :better by she’s just saying that thing :this thing this I burning cannot figure :it out you know :[Music]

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