What is the state tree of Michigan? Answer – White Pine – 2017


What is the state tree of Michigan?

White Pine

Michigan shares its official state tree – the white pine (Pinus strobus) – with Maine. Sometimes called the eastern white pine, this tree was the focal point of Michigan’s lumber industry in pioneer times. The tree can grow anywhere from 50 to 100 feet tall, seemingly the inspiration for tales of mythical native logger Paul Bunyan. In 1955, it was made Michigan’s official state tree to honor Michigan’s rich history of logging. Source: TheUS50, State Symbols USA, Mental Floss

In the United States it is the State Tree of Maine (as of 1945) and Michigan (as of 1955). Its “pine cone and tassel” is also the State Flower of Maine. Sprigs of Eastern White Pine were worn as badges as a symbol of Vermont identity during the Vermont Republic and are depicted in a stained glass window in the Vermont State House, on the Flag of Vermont, and on the naval ensign of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The tallest specimens in Hartwick Pines State Park in Michigan are 45–48 m (148–157 ft) tall.

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