What happened in the nascar race today 2017 – 2017

what happened in the nascar race today 2017

Why can’t NASCAR figure this out. The racing isn’t racing, it’s riding around (boring). Now they’re into a caution period that they created to make things exciting. I’m pretty sure nobody is thinking this is racing or exciting. the first couple laps of caution nobody can pit then they let some pit, then in a couple more laps they let some more pit. Then comes the never ending commercials followed by Jimmy winning the championship. Where can I find racing. The kind where guys drive fast and pass the others to win. I love the speeding penalty in NASCAR. Let’s not go fast and win. If you can’t keep up you can always get the Monopoly lucky dog “free pass” or get the wave around you you can catch up. And they give a perfectly good race car to Danica because she’s a women instead of allowing a real racer to drive it. I hate that I love racing so much that I keep watching thinking it might get better some day.

– fb netizen

I hate knowing who’s going to win a NASCAR race from the very beginning … today is one of those days. #NASCAR

Not liking the new stage format in Nascar. I really don’t like that they can pit during the breaks. Part of racing is pitting. Pit crews are athletes. They practice the stops over and over and a good or bad pit stop can make or break a driver’s position on the track.
Maybe bring back more short tracks instead of all the cookie cutter tracks to make it more exciting. Of course that takes money and changing a format doesn’t.
Nascar was born from the moonshine runners in days of old. Those good ole boys didn’t stop or slow down twice during their runs so the cops could catch up. Why should today’s good ole boys?

– netizen

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