Who assassinated President William McKinley? – 2017


Who assassinated President William McKinley?

Leon Czolgosz

On Sept. 6, 1901, President William McKinley was shot twice by Leon Czolgosz while attending a world’s fair in Buffalo, New York.

Even though emergency surgery managed to keep McKinley alive for a week after the incident, he died suddenly from gangrene on Sept. 14. McKinley’s body was buried in his hometown of Canton, Ohio. For his crimes, Czolgosz was convicted and executed by electric chair six weeks after McKinley passed away. Source: HISTORY

Leon Frank Czolgosz was an American anarchist and former steel worker who assassinated U.S. President William McKinley in September 1901. Czolgosz was executed later that year. Born: 5 May 1873, Alpena, Michigan, United States Died: 29 October 1901, Auburn, New York, United States Nationality: American
Conviction: Assassination of William McKinley Parents: Paul Czolgosz, Mary Nowak

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