Casey Neistat’s first day at SXSW (and he tries out his new Nintendo Switch) – 2017

Casey Neistat’s first day at SXSW (and he tries out his new Nintendo Switch)

:it’s am about my way to the airport,:gonna Texas what doctors here for again,:[Music],:[Music],:wind openness every Nintendo yeah it’s,:actually the only in slight switch on,:boxing this appears to be the tablet,:really can’t really talk to me all right,:we’re offering personalized,:entertainment white charger controller,:handle,:

[Music],:football members from both dog,:the problem with all really this video,:games that i will get any work done and,:like that if you would like to welcome,:to talk with a local time scientific,:staff will be passing for the next,:semester please remain seated with your,:people that especially here,:all right back in often tested,:[Music],:not,:[Music],:fish hotel check-in change shower runs,:alright so I’m here in austin texas for,:the South by Southwest it’s like a music,:festival film festival technology,:festival i’m here with CNN i’m speaking,:at an event tomorrow afternoon to kind,:of have a lot of free time but there are,:like a zillion people in this town and,:it’s a little hard to get around,:I mean like you can’t get a taxi it’s,:hard to walk its path but I did bring I,:got boosted boards so before that,:happened so I’m meeting my friend ryan,:and we’re going to go for a run okay,:going right just about something about,:anymore so we can plan we were going to,:go swimming but we can do something is,:closed,:how am I was ryan three showers will,:befall look really involve leaving the,:roof,:my-my like room comes with access like,:an executive lounge,:I don’t know what that means that i’m,:going to find out i usually four of,:those cookies are going to go I gotta,:get outta here,:lunch was good lots of good bunch of,:villages really what now I follows to,:work and i’m going to go to bed off,:player that’s the convention center,:there were like the whole South by,:Southwest benches,:I’m just kind of popping around now it’s,:

the best way to see the CD is not a,:skateboard especially when it’s like,:like this whole street clothes when it’s,:congested you can just zoom around on,:the skateboard,:what’s up on Casey JFK to this video and,:a mother Iraq listen you know my,:favorite thing about coming here every,:year our meeting all the friendly people,:there are so many great nice char taking,:still pictures video alright thank you i,:have a couple broad day in ice latte,:that’s not a dream shot i’m actually,:just in my hotel room,:alright I’m going to like a dinner now,:that’s kind of the end of my first day,:here at South by Southwest is pretty,:awesome,:how about this for an end of the day,:surprise,:look at these delicious treats this is,:some sort of guitar with bar snacks,:these are cookies or something those,:look like bonds and look at this note i,:don’t know what that thought is but it’s,:very handsome your pc were excited to,:have you,:well hey thanks a lot JW I really,:appreciate it i’m going to go ahead and,:eat this and see the wall,:[Music]

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