Comedy Set To Reveal Trump Wiretaps – Will CHANGE EVERYTHING! – 2017

Comedy Set To Reveal Trump Wiretaps – Will CHANGE EVERYTHING!

0:00breaking what FBI director james comey
0:10is set to reveal that Trump wiretaps
0:12will change everything it looks like
0:16we’re finally going to get answers about
0:18for President Barack Obama’s politically
0:21motivated surveillance of president
0:24Trump’s campaign tomorrow FBI director
0:28James Comey is set to reveal publicly
0:30all documents submitted by Obama and his
0:34cronies to spy on Trump during the
0:37campaign even after Trump’s inauguration
0:40the release is the result of senators
0:43Sheldon Whitehouse and Lindsey Graham
0:45was threatened to make their judicial
0:47hearing on the very the issue very
0:50difficult on Thome if he kept avoiding
0:53the question they gave it unto large 15
0:56to meet with them and provide all
0:58related paperwork and information and
1:00that should be done up until now Comey
1:04has avoided giving any direct answers
1:06and reportedly went to the Justice
1:08Department to asked him to drop the case
1:10and help the FBI save face this all
1:14sounds very suspicious why doesn’t James
1:17call me want to be transparent
1:19concerning this regardless of the
1:23results will finally at least have some
1:26answers as to what a lava was really
1:29trying to do to undermine the Trump
1:31campaign and as a result the 2016
1:34presidential election so it seems that
1:37it wasn’t a Russia that was trying to
1:39interfere with us politics it was Obama
1:43that was trying to hack and interfere
1:45with you as politics we’re sure the
1:48president Trump would not have said
1:49those things that he didn’t have real
1:51inside information and evidence a
1:54president has no right to do what Obama
1:56did and for now we all need to pray for
2:00president Trump and for God to keep
2:03James call me honest about
2:05this is on liberty Rogers news by Danny

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