How to make a pie shaped like Pi.. on a Pi day – 2017

How to make a pie shaped like Pi.. on a Pi day

I made a cherry pie of the correct proportions for pie day. The pie was made intentionally ugly yet adequate for consumption to represent the use of pi as the circle constant. That or I’m a terrible cook… lol

You really eat this??? it looks like horrible man!!!! The 0 effort pie XD

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will literally watch anything you post.

how is it the proper dimensions for pi? I guess I don’t get it edit: if you’re wondering the same as me do not read below… just go to Google.

Did you bake the pie for 3 minutes and 14 seconds?

That doesn’t look golden brown to me.

Its not 3.14 2017 its 14. 3 2017

Cody there was an annoying ad for honey on one of your videos which I accidentally clicked while going to the next video. Did I make you money?

Comment matters below

made the vid 3:14 minutes
Damnit, it’s 30 minutes past pi-day in my timezone and I forgot all about pi day yesterday

Those are the same scissors you dipped into cesium right?

Cody this is irrational behavior

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