10 crazy easy iPad integration ideas – 2017

crazy easy

So you’ve got a bunch of iPads in in your classroom. Now what? Figuring out where to begin can seem daunting and overwhelming.  So why not just dive right in?

Here are some simple ideas to incorporate into your classroom, along with links to sample students projects:

  1. Create a presentation in Keynote.
  2. Create a Lab Writeup in Pages/PaperPort Notes using pictures taken with the camera and found online.
  3. Analyze/explain concepts using Comic Life. (Check these out: The Adventures Of H2ONicole’s Comic6 Characteristics of Life Comic)
  4. Document research/scientific method/concept using iMovie or GarageBand.
  5. Use Show Me/Educreations/iMovie for documenting essential questions and concepts. The students becomes the teachers. Save these, and you will gather an inventory of students explaining the concepts.
  6. Engage with videos using BrainPop, YouTube and United Streaming.
  7. Create self-paced quizzes and assessments using Socrative.
  8. Explore the USA Today App and have the students create article responses using Pages/iMovie/GarageBand.
  9. Teach essential researching skills using Google-A-Day. Very cool bell-ringer activity.Click here to read a more extensive post about the possibilities.
  10. Use Doodle Buddy/Pages to create and edit pictures/graphs/charts. (See Watershed Project for an example).

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