Super Helpful Gmail Tip – Undo Send – 2017

undo send headerEver sent an email and then immediately smack your forehead because you made an egregious typo? Perhaps you were just blowing off steam, hit send, and then regretted it instantaneously? Maybe you just wanted to add something important? Gmail has a Lab called “Undo Send” – it affords you an “undo” grace period after you’ve sent an email (the maximum grace period is 30 seconds). You might not utilize it often, but it definitely comes in handy. If you’re interested in this feature, follow the directions below to activate it in your Gmail account- or, click here if you’d like to watch a quick video tutorial:

undo send directions

Now, after you’ve sent an email, you will see this at the top of your Gmail window:

Undo send screen

If you wish to take back your email before it’s delivered, just click “Undo” – and you’ll be redirected to the Compose screen. And rest easy, now no one will know that you mixed up you’re and your!

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