Twitter: The Best Professional Development Tool Ever – 2017

twitter-logoMy apologies for the over-dramatic post title, but Twitter is really indispensable to me as an educator. When I’m searching for resources for lessons or professional development sessions, I always go to Twitter before I go to Google…and most of the time I don’t even make it to Google. The main reason? I have way more faith in the “upvoting” process and popularity of like-minded Twitter professionals than I do of SEO/algorithm searching. If a resource is working for people, it will rise/appear numerous times on my Twitter feed. And If I’m following the right people, their suggestions instantly validates it for me (or, at least validates me checking it out). And relevance? Twitter searches usually guarantee that the resource or link has been fairly recently published, typically from the last few months, if not weeks.

Looking to get started on Twitter, or simply looking to expand and branch out? Here’s some resources I’ve collated that will hopefully help. Tweet you later!


(Click the image to enlarge – courtesy of Teach Thought)

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