Friday Catblogging: Shop Cats of New York – 2017


If you’ve not yet done so, I’d recommend picking up Tamar Arslanian’s Shop Cats of New York (with Andrew Marttila, photographer). Hilary Hanson’s post Adorable Portraits Explore The Lives Of Big-City Shop Cats describes the book and the felines it features. (The video above is from the Facebook page for the book.)

If there’s ever been a town that could use lots of shop cats, it’s Whitewater.

(In my own case, there’s almost always a feline nearby when I’m writing, often at the very edge of my notebook or keyboard. I’m a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and one of their banners – the one that I use – sensibly includes a cat in the illustration promoting bloggers’ legal rights.)

Needless to say, I’ve no personal or financial connection to Arslanian; hers is simply a fine book, to read or to give as a gift.

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