Asked and Answered – 2017

Pope Francis often speaks up for immigrants and refugees, and that’s not to the liking of alt-right, race-bating After the Pope’s recent remarks in support of immigration (Pope decries ‘Populist rhetoric’ fueling fear of immigrants), Breitbart decided to ask a question about the Vatican’s sincerity.

Patrick Kingsley answers Breitbart’s question:

One doesn’t have to be Catholic to see that Breitbart’s question is weak and lacking in foresight. Breitbart has two problems here: the first is that they are either too dim or too lazy to see that a direct, effective rejoinder is possible; the second is that their very formulation is poor, as concern for immigrants from a vast, transnational institution like the Catholic Church is not confined to a single location in any event.

For all Breitbart’s reputed alt-right fury, their question shows a lack of intellectual rigor.

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