Bike Lanes & Entitlement  – 2017

We’ve parts of the city with bike lanes, and more than a few people who supported their installation (of whom I was one). 

How odd, then, to see – more than once – another of those bike-lane advocates blithely ignoring a bike lane to ride on the sidewalk instead.  Not a bike lane somewhere else, mind you, but one immediately next to the sidewalk on which I’ve seen him riding.

There’s Old Whitewater (a state of mind, not a person) in spades: he advocated for it at public expense (even as I did), but if he feels like the sidewalk, well, he’ll take the sidewalk, regardless of prior advocacy, cost to add a lane, etc.

He is who he is, you see, and what’s available to others at his urging must not be good enough for him.  


Perhaps if he’d advocated for platinum-coated bike lanes, and received them at public cost, then he’d be willing to relinquish the sidewalk for the immediately adjacent bike route.  Until then, God forfend that his bicycle tires should touch mere asphalt.

Bike lanes are a good idea, and are suitable paths for cyclists to travel enjoyably through the city.  They’re meant to be used.

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