Celebrating National Parks  – 2017

The National Park Service turns 100 years old today. Google’s published a doodle, shown in the video below, to celebrate –

One would prefer, beyond government, that there should be private initiatives and privately-encouraged study of national history and ecology.

These are not, after all, matters of emotion, but of science and reason (however breathtaking the natural world often is).

Even in our small and beautiful city, one has heard – from government, itself – empty, emotional appeals to complacency when considering actual and established environmental risks.

These concerns are not a matter of emotion, but of reason applied to circumstances. One should neither want, need, nor accept government’s bottle of warm milk in response to considered concerns about health and safety (among many other issues, fiscal and political).

This is a local, unfinished matter, to be sure. (Those who have prolonged it through a search for partners in the effort have made it such.)

For today, it’s reassuring that there are places still free from the prospect of unsound dumping schemes.

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