Daily Bread for 10.16.15 – 2017

Good morning, Whitewater.

We’ll have a more autumn-like Friday: partly cloudy with a high of forty-nine. Sunrise is 7:10 and sunset 6:10, for 11h 00m 19s of daytime. The moon is a waxing crescent with 10.9% of its visible disk illuminated.

On this day in 1962, Pres. Kennedy was told of Soviet ballistic missiles in Cuba:

On October 15, the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center reviewed the U-2 photographs and identified objects that they interpreted as medium range ballistic missiles. That evening, the CIA notified the Department of State and at 8:30 pm EDT, National Security AdviserMcGeorge Bundy chose to wait until the next morning [October 16, 1962] to tell the President. Secretary of DefenseRobert McNamara was briefed at midnight. The next morning, Bundy met with Kennedy and showed him the U-2 photographs and briefed him on the CIA’s analysis of the images.[31] At 6:30 pm EDT, Kennedy convened a meeting of the nine members of the National Security Council and five other key advisors,[32] in a group he formally named the Executive Committee of the National Security Council (EXCOMM) after the fact on October 22 by the National Security Action Memorandum 196.[33] Without informing the members of EXCOMM, President Kennedy tape recorded all of their proceedings, and Sheldon M. Stern, head of the Kennedy library has transcribed some of them.[34][35]


The U.S. had no plan in place because U.S. intelligence had been convinced that the Soviets would never install nuclear missiles in Cuba. The EXCOMM quickly discussed several possible courses of action, including:[36]
  1. Do nothing: American vulnerability to Soviet missiles was not new.
  2. Diplomacy: Use diplomatic pressure to get the Soviet Union to remove the missiles.
  3. Secret approach: Offer Castro the choice of splitting with the Russians or being invaded.
  4. Invasion: Full force invasion of Cuba and overthrow of Castro.
  5. Air strike: Use the US Air Force to attack all known missile sites.
  6. Blockade: Use the US Navy to block any missiles from arriving in Cuba….

On this day in 1968, the Milwaukee Bucks play their first game:

On this date the Milwaukee Bucks opened their first season with an 89-84 loss to the Chicago Bulls. The loss was witnessed by 8,467 fans in the Milwaukee Arena. The starting lineup featured Wayne Embry at center, Fred Hetzel and Len Chappell at forward, and Jon McGlocklin and Guy Rodgers in the backcourt. Larry Costello was the head coach. The Bucks had its first win in their sixth game of the season with a 134-118 victory over the Detroit Pistons. [Source: Milwaukee Bucks]

Here’s the final game in Puzzability‘s weekly series, Series Cancellations:

This Week’s Game — October 12-16
Series Cancellations
Let’s see what you can put together for this week’s TV viewing. For each day, we’ll give you a series of clues, each of which leads to a word. You must drop one letter out of each of these answer words and put them together (in order), adding spaces as needed, to get the full name of a current TV drama.
Macabre illustrator Edward / elf’s boss / rock opera by The Who
Grey’s Anatomy (Gorey / Santa / Tommy)
What to Submit:
Submit the TV show’s name and the smaller words (as “Grey’s Anatomy (Gorey / Santa / Tommy)” in the example) for your answer.
Friday, October 16
Otherwise / convened / person who certifies a legal document


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