Daily Bread for 11.12.15 – 2017

Good morning, Whitewater.

Thursday will be cloudy and windy, with a high of forty-nine.  Sunrise is 6:43 and sunset 4:34, for 9h 50m 33s of daytime. We’ve a new moon again today, with just .6% of its visible disk illuminated.

On this day in 1954, Ellis Island ceases processing immigrants to America:

…Ellis Island, the gateway to America, shuts it doors after processing more than 12 million immigrants since opening in 1892. Today, an estimated 40 percent of all Americans can trace their roots through Ellis Island, located in New York Harbor off the New Jersey coast and named for merchant Samuel Ellis, who owned the land in the 1770s.

On January 2, 1892, 15-year-old Annie Moore, from Ireland, became the first person to pass through the newly opened Ellis Island, which President Benjamin Harrison designated as America’s first federal immigration center in 1890. Before that time, the processing of immigrants had been handled by individual states.

Not all immigrants who sailed into New York had to go through Ellis Island. First- and second-class passengers submitted to a brief shipboard inspection and then disembarked at the piers in New York or New Jersey, where they passed through customs. People in third class, though, were transported to Ellis Island, where they underwent medical and legal inspections to ensure they didn’t have a contagious disease or some condition that would make them a burden to the government. Only two percent of all immigrants were denied entrance into the U.S.

Immigration to Ellis Island peaked between 1892 and 1924, during which time the 3.3-acre island was enlarged with landfill (by the 1930s it reached its current 27.5-acre size) and additional buildings were constructed to handle the massive influx of immigrants. During the busiest year of operation, 1907, over 1 million people were processed at Ellis Island….

On this day in 1836, our territorial legislature passes its first law, both over-broad and ineffectual:

1836 – Governor Dodge Signs First Law

On this date territorial governor, Henry Dodge, signed the first law passed by the Wisconsin Territorial Legislature. The law prescribed how the legislators were to behave, and how other citizens were to behave towards them. For example, it authorized “the Assembly to punish by fine and imprisonment every person, not a member, who shall be guilty of disrespect, disorderly or contemptuous behavior, threats, in the legislature or interference with witnesses to the legislature; also to expel on a two thirds majority in either house a member of its own body…” This did not keep the members from vociferous arguments, fist fights, or even shooting one another (see this This Day in Wisconsin History for February 11th).

Here’s the Thursday game from Puzzability‘s Chinese Takeout series:

This Week’s Game — November 9-13
Chinese Takeout
May we take your reorder? For each day this week, we started with a phrase, removed the seven letters in CHINESE, and rearranged the remaining letters to get a new word or phrase. Both pieces are described in each day’s clue, with the longer one first.
Google or Bing, for example; wrath
Search engine; anger
What to Submit:
Submit both pieces, with the longer one first (as “Search engine; anger” in the example), for your answer.
Thursday, November 12
Breakfast pastry with creamy topping; Greek god of the underworld


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