Daily Bread for 5.3.17 – 2017

Good morning.

Wednesday in Whitewater will be sunny with a high of sixty-two. Sunrise is 5:44 AM and sunset 7:58 PM, for 14h 13m 59s of daytime. The moon is a waxing gibbous with 54.8% of its visible disk illuminated. Today is the one hundred seventy-sixth day.Days since Trump’s election, with 11.9.16 as the first day.

On this day in 1936, Joe DiMaggio makes his major league debut with the Yankees, batting ahead of Lou Gehrig. On this day in 1898, Israeli prime minister Golda Meir, whose family settled in Milwaukee, and where she graduated from Milwaukee Normal School (now University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) is born.

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Charles F. Gardner describes the Bucks season in review: Reason for optimism: “Despair could have taken over a team that had lost 12 of its last 14 games and appeared headed for another draft lottery appearance. Instead, the Bucks finished the season with a 20-10 record in their last 30 games and reached the playoffs as the sixth-seeded team in the Eastern Conference. It was a remarkable turnaround that the Bucks hope they can carry into next season and beyond. How did they do it? Coach Jason Kidd got major contributions from rookies Thon Maker and Malcolm Brogdon, starting both of them in the final month of the season and in the playoffs.”

Drew Harwell and Matea Gold report that While in White House, Trumps remained selling points for ‘very special’ Philippines project: “Investors looking to buy a condo at Trump Tower in the Philippines would have found, until this week, some high-powered video testimonials on the project’s official website. There was Donald Trump, in a message filmed several years before he was elected president of the United States, declaring that the skyscraper bearing his name near the Philippine capital would be “something very, very special, like nobody’s seen before.” Then there was his daughter Ivanka Trump, now a senior White House adviser, lavishing praise on the project as a “milestone in Philippine real estate history.”

Jugal Patel and Henry Fountain report on an astonishing (but disturbing in fundamental ways) possibility, that As Arctic Ice Vanishes, New Shipping Routes Open: “As global warming melts sea ice across the Arctic, shipping routes once thought impossible — including directly over the North Pole — may open up by midcentury. But high costs may keep the new routes from being used right away. The amount of sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean has declined sharply each decade since the 1980s, according to measurements taken each September when the ice is at its minimum. Older, thicker ice is disappearing as well. Scientists say global warming is largely responsible for the changes. Parts of the Arctic are warming twice as fast as elsewhere.”

Conservative Jennifer Rubin asks How did Ryan’s Faustian bargain with Trump work out?: “How did things work out for Ryan? He has signed onto a spending bill that Clinton would have liked (Planned Parenthood funding, no wall, domestic spending restored, a little bit — but not enough — defense spending). He has not gotten health-care reform. His chances of obtaining tax reform are slim. Other than a Supreme Court justice and some deregulation, virtually nothing on Ryan’s agenda — one Trump was supposed to share — seems likely to come about. By ignoring fundamental questions of competency and character, Ryan vouched for a man who echoed Russian agitprop and encouraged Russian cyber-mischief during the campaign and who continues to deny the existence of mounds of evidence proving Russian efforts to meddle with our election. Ryan enabled an administration that has a bevy of ties to Russian officials, originally hired as national security adviser a man acting as an agent for foreign governments and still employs an aide (Sebastian Gorka) with ties to Hungarian fascists. Surely Clinton, for all her faults, wouldn’t have done all that.”

How is Whiskey Made? Here’s how:

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