Daily Bread for 7.27.15 – 2017


Good morning, Whitewater.

Monday in town will be mostly sunny with a high of eighty-seven. Sunrise is 5:41 and sunset 8:20, for 14h 39m 05s of daytime. The moon is a waxing gibbous with 81.2% of its visible disk illuminated.

On this day in 1953, an armistice ends the fighting in the Korean War:

Tokyo, Monday, July 27–Communist and United Nations delegates in Panmunjom signed an armistice at 10:01 A.M. today [9:01 P.M., Sunday, Eastern daylight time]. Under the truce terms, hostilities in the three-year-old Korean war are to cease at 10 o’clock tonight [9 A.M., Monday, Eastern daylight time].

[President Syngman Rhee of South Korea promised in a statement at Seoul Monday to observe the armistice “for a limited time” while a political conference tried to unify Korea by peaceful means, The United Press said.]

The historic document was signed in a roadside hall the Communists built specially for the occasion. The ceremony, attended by representatives of sixteen members of the United Nations, took precisely eleven minutes. Then the respective delegations walked from the meeting place without a word or handshake between them.

The matter-of-fact procedure underlined what spokesmen of both sides emphasized: That though the shooting would cease within twelve hours after the signing, only an uneasy armed truce and political difficulties, perhaps even greater than those of the armistice negotiations, were ahead.

On this day in 1894, a fire strikes Phillips, Wisconsin:

1894 – Forest Fire Destroys Phillips
On the afternoon of this day, a forest fire swept over the Price Co. town of Phillips from the west, destroying nearly all the buildings and forcing 2,000 people to flee for their lives. When the sun came up the next morning, 13 people had been killed, the entire downtown was in ashes, and exhausted survivors were wandering through the ruins in a daze. The fire ultimately consumed more than 100,000 acres in Price County. Much of the town was rebuilt within a year.

Puzzability has a new series for the week, entitled Showstoppers.  Here’s Monday’s game:

This Week’s Game — July 27-31
It’s curtains for us this week. For each day, we started with the title of a Broadway musical’s Act I closing number and replaced all the letters in each word—except the last letter—with asterisks. The name of the musical is presented the same way in parentheses.
******G ******Y (*****D)
“Defying Gravity” (Wicked)
What to Submit:
Submit the song title and the musical’s title (as “Defying Gravity (Wicked)” in the example) for your answer.
Monday, July 27
**********’S *****G *P ****S (****Y)



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