Daily Bread for 7.30.15 – 2017

Good morning, Whitewater.

We’ll have a sunny day in town, with a high of eighty-five. Sunrise is 5:44 and sunset 8:17, for 14h 32m 45s of daytime. The moon’s a waxing gibbous with 98.7% of its visible disk illuminated.

This day in 1619 sees the opening session of this continent’s first elected legislative assembly:

In Jamestown, Virginia, the first elected legislative assembly in the New World–the House of Burgesses–convenes in the choir of the town’s church.

Earlier that year, the London Company, which had established the Jamestown settlement 12 years before, directed Virginia Governor Sir George Yeardley to summon a “General Assembly” elected by the settlers, with every free adult male voting. Twenty-two representatives from the 11 Jamestown boroughs were chosen, and Master John Pory was appointed the assembly’s speaker. On July 30, the House of Burgesses (an English word for “citizens”) convened for the first time. Its first law, which, like all of its laws, would have to be approved by the London Company, required tobacco to be sold for at least three shillings per pound. Other laws passed during its first six-day session included prohibitions against gambling, drunkenness, and idleness, and a measure that made Sabbath observance mandatory.

The creation of the House of Burgesses, along with other progressive measures, made Sir George Yeardley exceptionally popular among the colonists, and he served two terms as Virginia governor.

On this day in 1857, a noted Wisconsin economist is born:

1857 – Thorstein Veblen Born
On this date economist and social commentator Thorstein Bunde Veblen was born in Cato, although some sources place his birth in Valders. He is best known for his book The Theory of The Leisure Class (1899), a classic of social theory that introduced the concept of “conspicuous consumption.”

Here’s the Thursday game from Puzzability:

This Week’s Game — July 27-31
It’s curtains for us this week. For each day, we started with the title of a Broadway musical’s Act I closing number and replaced all the letters in each word—except the last letter—with asterisks. The name of the musical is presented the same way in parentheses.
******G ******Y (*****D)
“Defying Gravity” (Wicked)
What to Submit:
Submit the song title and the musical’s title (as “Defying Gravity (Wicked)” in the example) for your answer.
Thursday, July 30
***’T ***N *N *Y *****E (****Y ***L)


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