Daily Bread for 8.13.15 – 2017


Good morning, Whitewater.

Thursday in town will be partly cloudy and warm, with a high of eighty-six. Sunrise is 5:59 and sunset 7:59, for 13h 59m 44s of daytime. The moon is a waning crescent with just 1.2% of its visible disk illuminated.

On this day in 1961, to prevent residents from feeling to greater freedom in West Germany, the East German state closed its Berlin border. The New York Times reported the closure to readers:

Berlin, Sunday, Aug. 13– East Germany closed the border early today between East and West Berlin.

East German troops stood guard at the Brandenburg Gate, main crossing point between the Eastern and Western sectors.

The East Berlin City Government banned its citizens from holding jobs in the Western part of the divided city. This will affect tomorrow the thousands of East Berliners who daily commute to work in the Western sector.

The Communists’ orders do not affect the Western Allies’ access routes to Berlin along the 110-mile passage from West Germany. Especially they do not affect Allied military trains, which are under Soviet jurisdiction.

Action Comes in Night

The quietness of East Berlin’s deserted streets was shattered in the early hours of the morning by the screaming of police sirens as police cars, motorcycles and truckloads of police sped through the city….

Here’s today’s game from Puzzability, in its Logical Deductions series:

This Week’s Game — August 10-14
Logical Deductions
This week, we’re bringing order and disorder at the same time. For each day, we started with a word or phrase, removed the seven letters in LOGICAL, and rearranged the remaining letters to get a new word or phrase. Both pieces are described in each day’s clue, with the longer one first.
Greasy stuff used for massage; what masseurs do to the greasy stuff (or, make someone feel worse about something)
Lubricating oil; rub it in
What to Submit:
Submit both pieces, with the longer one first (as “Lubricating oil; rub it in” in the example), for your answer.
Thursday, August 13
Unofficial nickname for a Texas NFL team cheerleader; speaking styles for people from Texas

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