Daily Bread for 8.14.15 – 2017


Good morning, Whitewater.

Friday in town will be hot, with a high of ninety-two, and partly cloudy skies. Sunrise is 6:00 and sunset is 7:57, for 13h 57m 11s of daytime. We’ve a New Moon this evening.

On this day in 1945, after years of war across all the Pacific, the Japanese Empire admits defeat:

Washington, Aug. 14 — Japan today unconditionally surrendered the hemispheric empire taken by force and held almost intact for more than two years against the rising power of the United States and its Allies in the Pacific war.

The bloody dream of the Japanese military caste vanished in the text of a note to the Four Powers accepting the terms of the Potsdam Declaration of July 26, 1945, which amplified the Cairo Declaration of 1943.

Like the previous items in the surrender correspondence, today’s Japanese document was forwarded through the Swiss Foreign Office at Berne and the Swiss Legation in Washington. The note of total capitulation was delivered to the State Department by the Legation Charge d’Affaires at 6:10 P. M., after the third and most anxious day of waiting on Tokyo, the anxiety intensified by several premature or false reports of the finale of World War II.

Our good, present relationship with Japan did not come easily, to say the least, but that good relationship is so much to everyone’s advantage that we don’t even think of slipping back into conflict with her.

On this day in 1935, a Wisconsinite plays a key role in bringing Social Security into being:

1935 – Social Security Act Signed Into Law

On this date the Social Security Act was signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt. The act, originally proposed to Congress under the name “Economic Security Bill” was drafted by the Committee on Economic Security, whose Executive Staff Director was Edwin E. Witte, economics professor at the University of Wisconsin and prominent social insurance expert. [Source: Social Security Online] User submitted entry!

Puzzability‘s series this week, Logical Deductions, concludes with Friday’s game:

This Week’s Game — August 10-14
Logical Deductions
This week, we’re bringing order and disorder at the same time. For each day, we started with a word or phrase, removed the seven letters in LOGICAL, and rearranged the remaining letters to get a new word or phrase. Both pieces are described in each day’s clue, with the longer one first.
Greasy stuff used for massage; what masseurs do to the greasy stuff (or, make someone feel worse about something)
Lubricating oil; rub it in
What to Submit:
Submit both pieces, with the longer one first (as “Lubricating oil; rub it in” in the example), for your answer.
Friday, August 14
Holder for your margarita as served at a bar; tall piles of drink holders or coasters at a bar

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