Daily Bread for 9.28.15 – 2017


Good morning, Whitewater.

Our new work week begins with a Monday of partly cloudy skies and a high of eighty. Sunrise is 6:49 and sunset 8:41, for 11h 51m 38s of daytime. It’s a full moon today, with 99.8% of the moon’s visible disk illuminated.

We had a supermoon lunar eclipse last night, and despite cloudy skies in much of North America, skywatchers took some beautiful pictures and videos of the moon:

‘Supermoon’ Total Lunar Eclipse Thrills Skywatchers Around the World
Today, NASA plans an announcement about a discovery on Mars. There’s widespread speculation that the discovery is the presence of occasional, flowing water on the surface of the planet.

NASA will make its announcement at 10:30 CT, to be streamed live:

On this day in 1941, Ted Williams does something that hasn’t been done since:

On this day in 1941, the Boston Red Sox’s Ted Williams plays a double-header against the Philadelphia Athletics on the last day of the regular season and gets six hits in eight trips to the plate, to boost his batting average to .406 and become the first player since Bill Terry in 1930 to hit .400. Williams, who spent his entire career with the Sox, played his final game exactly 19 years later, on September 28, 1960, at Boston’s Fenway Park and hit a home run in his last time at bat, for a career total of 521 homeruns.

On this day in 1925, a renowned computer engineer is born:

1925 – Seymour R. Cray Born
On this date Seymour R. Cray was born in Chippewa Falls. Cray received a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. He established himself in the field of large-scale computer design through his work for Engineering Associates, Remington Rand, UNIVAC, and Control Data Corporation. In 1957 Cray built the first computer to use radio transistors instead of vacuum tubes. This allowed for the miniaturization of components which enhanced the performance of desktop computers. In the 1960s he designed the world’s first supercomputer at Control Data. In 1972 he founded Cray Research in his hometown of Chippewa Falls where he established the standard for supercomputers with CRAY-1 (1976) and CRAY-2 (1985). He resigned from the company in 1981 to devote himself to computer design in the areas of vector register technology and cooling systems. Cray died in a automobile accident on October 5, 1996. [Source: MIT and Cray Company]

Puzzability‘s new weekly series is entitled, Blended Wines. Here’s Monday’s game:

This Week’s Game — September 28-October 2
Blended Wines
We have some lovely pairings this week. For each day, we’ve taken the name of a wine, added a letter, and scrambled all the letters to get a new word. The answer phrase, described by each day’s clue, is the wine followed by the longer word. The clue includes the lengths of the answer words in parentheses.
Person attending a party in honor of a dry red wine (8,9)
Cabernet celebrant
What to Submit:
Submit the phrase, with the wine first (as “Cabernet celebrant” in the example), for your answer.
Monday, September 28
Magazine piece about a dry red wine (6,7)

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