Daily Bread for 9.7.15 – 2017


Good morning, Whitewater.

Monday in town will present scattered thunderstorms and a high of eighty-three. Sunrise is 6:26 and sunset 7:18, for 12h 51m 55s of daytime. The moon is a waning crescent with 28% of its visible disk illuminated.

On this day in 1957, NBC first broadcast the animated peacock logo with which that network became so closely identified:


On this day in 1977, Wisconsin saw her first recall election:

On this date Wisconsin’s first judicial-recall election was held. Dane County citizens voted Judge Archie Simonson out of office. Simonson called rape a normal male reaction to provocative female attire and modern society’s permissive attitude toward sex. He made this statment while explaining why he sentenced a 15-year-old to only one year of probation for raping a 16-year-old girl. After the recall election, Simonson was replaced by Moria Krueger, the first woman judge elected in Dane County history. [Source: Initiative & Referendum Institute]

Puzzability begins a new week-long series entitled, Open Admissions. Here’s the game for Monday:

This Week’s Game — September 7-11
Open Admissions
Here’s a mixed doubles challenge for this week’s U.S. Open. Each day, we started with a word or phrase, added the six letters in U.S. OPEN, and rearranged the remaining letters to get a new phrase. Both pieces are described in each day’s clue, with the shorter one first.
A bit open; fruits sold near the Boscs and Bartletts
Ajar; Anjou pears
What to Submit:
Submit both pieces, with the shorter one first (as “Ajar; Anjou pears” in the example), for your answer.
Monday, September 7
Work or toil, as celebrated today; actor and activist acclaimed for his performances as Othello

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