Few Political Signs, So Far, in Whitewater  – 2017

As I’ve been riding though the city in the evening, I’ve been recently on the lookout for political signs.  There have been a scattering of yardsigns for local or state candidates, but almost nothing for national politicians (and what I’ve seen has mostly been for Sanders). 

November’s not that far off, although perhaps there will be more yardsigns and bumper stickers after Labor Day. 

The two national parties are not, however, in the same position: Clinton represents fundamentally a continuation of existing Democratic policies; Trump embodies a significant change in the direction of the GOP.

I’m curious about how local Democrats & Republicans will react, and demonstrate their reactions, to their parties’ respective nominees.  

There’s both a political and a cultural aspect to supporting a candidate, and in this election we are likely to learn from residents’ preferences something about the direction Whitewater’s heading.

National elections are about more than small towns, to be sure.  Our small town, however, may offer information about itself from a contest between two faraway politicians who’ve never visited, and may never visit, these nine square miles. 

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