Friday Poll: Pony in a Hatchback – 2017


Should a motorist be allowed to transport a Shetland pony in a small hatchback?

Officers in the German town of Bad Oeynhausen stopped a motorist with a Shetland pony in her Fiat Panda hatchback:

“Despite the fact the so-called Shetland pony is not bigger than some dogs, the officers quickly determined that the handling was not species-appropriate,” police spokesman Ralf Steinmeyer told NBC News.

The driver of the Fiat Panda explained to police that she was transporting the animal to the neighboring Czech Republic. The motorist was due to be met halfway by the pony’s owner, who was going to bring a horse trailer.

“It was very hot that day and the woman had already traveled more than 60 miles with the pony,” Steinmeyer said.

See, Shetland Pony Found in Hatchback of Fiat Panda by German Police @ NBC News.

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