Friday Poll: Selling a Fawn – 2017

Even if there were no animal welfare laws, what would you say about someone who tried to sell a wild fawn on Craigslist?

Photo from California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Photo from California Department of Fish and Wildlife

A woman in California is accused of taking a wild fawn and trying to sell it on Craigslist, an act that’s illegal in California:

28-year-old Lacy Jean David of Ukiah, posted the ad Tuesday asking $300 for the baby deer, shortly after snatching the animal off a rural road, said Lt. Chris Stoots of the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Upon seeing the ad, which featured a photo of the fawn, state wardens set up a sting and arranged to meet David and her boyfriend at an unspecified location to buy the animal, Stoots said.

When the woman showed up, she had the fawn, which was in good health, officials said. She told the wardens she picked up the creature at 2 a.m. along Old River Road beside the Russian River near Hopland.

The fawn has since been taken to a rehab facility in Lakeport (Lake County), where it is recovering.

See,  Ukiah woman accused of asking $300 for fawn on Craigslist @ San Francisco Chronicle.

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