Friday Poll: Three Political Polls – 2017

Here are three polls on politics: the winner on the first presidential debate, the upcoming vice-presidential debate, and candidates’ releasing tax returns.

I’ve never run more than one poll at a time, but there are a few current worth pursing at the same time.

Obvious point: these polls are not – and have never been presented as – representative surveys of a community.

(Many of the polls that I publish are intentionally one-sided or simply fun, e.g., extraterrestrial visits, absurd behaviors, etc. That’s one reason the results are often so lopsided, but whatever the result, it’s not a representative sample of the community.

One serious remark: if the City of Whitewater intends to use polling to survey residents, as she is now paying to do, those methods and results are reasonably and legitimately the subjects of a serious critique.)

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