GOP in MKE: Tonight at the Milwaukee Theatre – 2017


POLITICO has answers to likely questions about tonight’s debate: Everything you need to know about Tuesday’s Republican debate.

Here are the two important answers about the main debate (an undercard debate will begin at 6 PM CST):

When and how long is the debate?
The prime-time debate will last two hours and begins at 9 Eastern time [8 CST]. There are a few changes to the format: Candidates will not make opening statements, but they will have more time to make arguments. For an initial answer to a question, they get 90 seconds, in addition to 60 seconds for rebuttals. There will be short closing statements at the end of the debate.

How can I watch the debate?
It will air on Fox Business Network and be streamed for free on No cable subscription is necessary. To capitalize on the ratings surges from earlier debates, FBN is also widening access to the channel for its pay-TV partners such as DirecTV. This will allow viewers who normally can’t access the network a chance to tune into the debate.

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