Implications from the August 9th Wisconsin Primary – 2017

There were no surprises in any of the races in or near Whitewater last night. They all went as one might reasonably have predicted.

One area race (and only one), however, might have national implications.

Paul Ryan easily won his first congressional district primary over Paul Nehlen. See, Despite late drama, Ryan easily beats Nehlen @ JSOnline.  The incumbent, establishment candidate decisively defeated his opponent. 

Does that win portend the direction of the GOP (internally) and by consequence its future?  

Molly Ball at The Atlantic suggests that it does.  See, Maybe Trumpism Doesn’t Work Without Trump

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, writing a few hours before the results, posed the question whether the GOP is inexorably moving in Trump’s, and an alt-right, direction. (Marshall answered his own question in the affirmative.) See, Will There Be Trumpism After Trump?  Under Marshall’s analysis, the results of the 8.9.16 primary will not alter meaningfully the path the Republican party is taking. 

I’m not sure about the direction of the GOP, but it’s a significant question, to say the least, for America.  Even for this proud libertarian voter (Johnson-Weld 2016), the future of a major party matters and is of interest and concern. 

Ryan-Nehlen is the one nearby race with, plausibly, wide implications.  If you’re following politics, its outcome is the one worth pondering.  

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