Kangaroo-Avoidance Technology – 2017

Only a matter of time —


Stateside, as large mammals go, deer are probably the single biggest threat to cars traveling the highways. Now, imagine a smaller, “very unpredictable” deer that hops on two legs: that’s the hell of driving in Australia, where some 20,000 kangaroo collisions are said to happen annually….

There’s no word on when kangaroo avoidance will actually become a standard feature on new Volvos sold Down Under, but it may not be long: all the technology and sensors already exist, it’s mostly just a matter of calibrating the systems appropriately. Volvo conducted real-world research (hopefully without killing any live animals) near the Australian capital of Canberra last week.

Via Volvo is testing kangaroo avoidance technology for Australian drivers @ The Verge.

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