Local Election Recap – 2017


Local elections affecting Whitewater went about as one might have expected.  I’d guess there were, in the end, no surprises.

There were three uncontested races for Common Council (Allen, Binnie, Langness), and two for the Whitewater Unified School District (Brunner, Stewart).

That leaves two contested races in the immediate area: a Common Council race between Patrick Wellnitz and Ken Kienbaum, and a Walworth County Circuit Court race between Dan Johnson and Dan Necci.  Wellnitz won over Kienbaum with a vote (unofficial results, of course) of 405 to 237, about 63% to  37%.

In the one contested race that was heated, Family Court Commissioner Dan Johnson defeated District Attorney Dan Necci, 16380 to 13360, about 55% to 45%.  In the end, opinion from local officials undoubtedly had a big impact on the outcome.  I’d guess that after a brief time, the tensions of this race will evaporate, particularly as Johnson had bipartisan support from numerous officials.


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