On Downtown Whitewater, Inc.’s Possible Plans – 2017

Downtown Whitewater, Inc. plans a public listening session in early November to discuss that organization’s future. (Some readers have written to me about that organization’s possible plans, following a 10.6.15 Council meeting. I’ve replied individually to those readers, and will offer a few remarks here, along the same lines. The Council discussion from two representatives of Downtown Whitewater is available online @ https://vimeo.com/141695315, from 40:30 to 52:18 on the recording.)

The better practice is simply to wait and see what Downtown Whitewater decides, and thereafter announces, after whatever planning meetings they hold. It’s useful to let that discussion unfold, and see what participants propose.

One knows that Downtown Whitewater has both supporters and critics, but it’s both fair and intellectually sound to wait for the organization to plan and present. Afterward, when there’s something to consider, well, then will be the proper time for review.

I’ve taken a similar approach with the When Green Turns Brown series. This city’s local government planned and presented for months before I began that series. Far from discouraging the city’s proposal, this website was mostly silent on the effort until the city presented its work.

City officials could and would plan as they wished in any event, and a review of those plans could only take place after the city had something to offer. Patience is both intellectually and practically justified in these circumstances.

(I’m not suggesting that Downtown Whitewater’s plans have the same scope or impact for Whitewater as a digester-energy project; they don’t. There are no environmental or health consequences of the former, nor will there be fundamental changes in the town’s economic and business culture as there would certainly be if dealing with waste hauling.)

One’s approach, though, should be the same: to wait and see what the organization proposes for the city.

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