Resourceful New Yorkers Take Action – 2017

After New York subway passengers saw anti-semitic symbols & phrases on their train car, they came up with a plan:

“Everyone stared at each other, uncomfortable and unsure what to do,” Gregory Locke, a New York attorney on the train, wrote in a Facebook post describing the scene.

Then another passenger in the car — identified in news reports as Manhattan chef Jared Nied — stood and announced an idea.

“Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie,” Nied said, according to Locke’s account. “We need alcohol”….

“A light bulb went on,” the chef said, and he thought back on the times he had used alcohol to erase his own missteps with permanent markers.

Those on the train began digging around in purses and bags for “tissues and Purel,” Locke wrote, then scrubbing at the hateful messages.

Within minutes, they were gone.

Via ‘We will not let hate win’: New Yorkers erase subway swastikas with hand sanitizer.

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