Small Groups Don’t All Fare the Same – 2017

I’m not sure if it should be true everywhere, but in Whitewater it seems as though small (apolitical) community groups fare better than small political groups.

I’ve not made a study of this; the observation rests on impressions, here or there, only. There’s not enough to say as much with confidence. Many would note – correctly – that far more would be required to have a firm opinion.

So, perhaps for another time, this question: Do some kinds of small groups (as kinds), of equally talented people, have a greater likelihood of success than others? If that should be true, then might it also be true that, as compared to apolitical community groups, small political groups fare notably worse?

I don’t know, but if all this might be true, then we are left with the possibility that, despite considerable notoriety, political cliques may be inferior in output to equally-sized apolitical, community groups.

One wonders.

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