The Rise and Fall of the Chinese Economy – 2017

You’ll find in the video above a concise, balanced assessment of China’s economic prospects from economist Tyler Cowen. The short-term is sure to be rocky, but there are good, long-term prospects for China. (Prof. Cowen doesn’t say so, but those long-term prospects are likely to include – indeed, to require – a China without the Party.)

One may be absolutely certain that Whitewater is not China; the video isn’t meant to offer a comparison between that big country and our small city. It’s just an informative summary on its own merits.

One can say, though, that even a few minutes of Prof. Cowen’s assessment illustrate how mediocre Whitewater’s own economic development specialists are – even his simple video summary is superior to any analysis ever offered from Whitewater’s CDA, Tech Park Board, etc.

Don’t think so? Fair enough: produce anything of comparable, concise understanding that any of our self-declared experts has ever demonstrated concerning local municipal finance and development.

Here’s the simple – and cold – truth:

One American university economist surpasses the combined competency of all local development specialists entrusted with millions of dollars from thousands of taxpayers in the city. Even worse, many residents of this city have children living at the poverty level, and still they’re supposed to defer to a local understanding that’s laughably thin, for projects that are utterly worthless to their well-being.

See, The rise and fall of the Chinese economy @ MARGINAL REVOLUTION.

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