Cr2032 battery cvs – 2017


cr2032 battery cvs

Product description
A CR2032 battery is a button cell lithium battery rated at 3.0 volts. It is commonly used in computers as a CMOS battery, calculators, remote controls, scientific instruments, wireless doorbells, watches, and other small devices. CR2032 indicates a round cell 19.9.±0.1 mm diameter and 3.1±0.1 mm height as defined by the IEC standard 60086. Nominal diameter is 20 mm, nominal height is 3.2 mm. Review of 14 data sheets from different suppliers show a range of weights from 2.8 g to 3.9 g. Except for the two extreme outliers, all reported weights were between 3.0 g and 3.2 g, with the mode being 3.2 g.

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