Juliana wetmore 2017 Girl is born with no face, 6 years later – 2017

Girl is born with no face, 6 years later…
juliana wetmore 2017

Juliana Wetmore is known as “the girl without a face.” One of the worse documented case of a genetic disorder called Treacher Collins Syndrome and it causes, Juliana was born with severe deformations of face due to missing bones.

Four months before birth, doctors had noticed deformities but weren’t able to specifically pinpoint what’s wrong. When born, Juliana was like none other child and it was hard for everyone to understand what had happened.

Her mother, Tami was shocked. “Where is she? Where’s her face?” She’s said to have uttered according to a report in USA Today.

Her face was nothing like normal but her body was very healthy. The baby’s face had missing bones and faced difficulties to breathe. Doctors thought she wouldn’t survive but Juliana proved them wrong.
Five days after birth, her parents Tami and Thom Wetmore were able to hold their little bundle of joy and immediately fell in love with her. Soon doctors realized the baby is nearly deaf due to missing bones. Her brain however functioned normally and she could see from right eye.

She continued to fight on for six years through operations. She went to a school for deaf, learned sign language and excelled in her school. Her family however wanted to understand how she is emotionally. Then one day they read something online which changed their girl’s life forever.

They read about a girl called Danica, of the same age as Juliana. She lived in Ukraine and suffered the same disorder as their daughter, but milder. She too had a tough life and lived in an orphanage and was given for adoption. No one ever visited her and as she was older enough, she would have to live in streets.

Tami and Thom visited Ukraine, met Danica and immediately decided to adopt Danica. “Let’s do it. Let’s get our daughter and fly home,” Mommabuzz, reports them saying.

Juliana is 12 years old now and has undergone 45 operations. Enter the Wetmores. The family read about the girl online. They read about the desperate need she has to find adoptive parents. The Wetmores plan a visit to the Ukraine where they visit Danica. This one visit was all it took. The parents looked at one another and knew… ”Let’s do it. Let’s get our daughter and fly home.” They ended up adopting Danica!

Juliana is now 12-years-old, and has had 45 operations. But she now also has Danica who by experience is able to understand her challenges.

This family’s courage is amazing and is truly an inspiration.
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