Amir Khan’s estranged wife Faryal ‘to raise child alone’ | Daily Mail Online – 2017

Amir Khan’s estranged wife Faryal ‘to raise child alone’ | Daily Mail Online

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

10:17 AM

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The businesswoman, 26, has told pals she plans to raise the kid without the boxer’s support while divorce proceedings get underway after their very public spat.

According to The Sun, she defiantly told pals: ‘I don’t need his help!’ – a clear sign that she is not on the ropes about the decision after announcing her shock pregnancy last week.

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A source told the publication: ‘Faryal’s announcement came as a shock to everyone involved but she doesn’t want anything more from Amir now.

‘They’re back on speaking terms, trying to keep everything ­civilised for the sake of their daughter and extended families, but the relationship is finished,’ it was continued.

It was also revealed that she would ‘happily’ bring up her second child without any support from Amir.

‘She’s a strong woman — and the pregnancy isn’t going to change that,’ it was concluded.



It comes after she reignited her feud with the boxer after she cut him out of a photograph she had posted to Instagram.

Faryal uploaded the picture, which clearly shows her holding onto the arm of Khan, on to her personal account along with a winking face emoji.

It comes a couple of days after she praised MMA star Conor McGregor for his devotion to his long-term partner in a sly dig at her own husband.

Faryal posted a quote from McGregor explaining how he had been with his girlfriend Dee Devlin for eight years, including when they used to live on benefits.




Above the quote, Faryal wrote: ‘Love this. I really respect men who respect their women despite how famous they get.’

Weeks before, Faryal and Khan had an incredible public spat online when the boxer announced his marriage split on Twitter and both accused the other of cheating.

Khan also accused his American wife of having an affair with heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua.

Khan hit out at his wife, writing: ‘Left my family and friends for this Faryal. I’m not hurt but another fighter. I’m making it public. You getting the divorce #Golddigger.’

But Faryal hit back minutes later, claiming her husband left his family because they had ‘robbed’ him and telling him to ‘stop making false things up’.

Branding him a ’30-year-old baby’, she went on to accuse him of sleeping with prostitutes and being a bad role model.


Joshua laughed off Khan’s claims, posting the music video from pop star Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me online, and saying he had never met Faryal.

Khan later apologised to Joshua and said there was ‘no truth’ to his claims.

The couple, who married in 2013, claim Khan was sent screenshots of ‘fake’ messages purportedly sent between Joshua and Faryal which he initially believed to be real.

Khan, who is worth £23million, apologised after receiving a letter from Joshua’s legal team demanding an apology for the allegations.

After Joshua wrote ‘apology accepted’, Khan tweeted him directly saying: ‘Glad all is cleared up and all lies. I got angry like any man would. No truth to it. Good to know. All the best.’


The very public spat came at the end of a turbulent few months for the couple, who married in a lavish New York ceremony in 2013 and have a three-year-old daughter, Lamaisah, together.

Problems began last year when Khan’s family said his wife, an American model, dressed improperly for a Muslim woman.

She accused them of verbal and physical abuse, but in a TV interview Khan’s parents called his wife an ‘evil woman’, while his sister claimed Faryal had prevented the family from seeing Lamaisah.

The couple were then hit by further drama when a sex tape of Khan performing a sex act on a webcam while chatting with a model was leaked to a US porn site.


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