Question: “Take a bite out of crime” is the motto of what trench coat-wearing “Crime Dog” – 2017

“Take a bite out of crime” is the motto of what trench coat-wearing “Crime Dog”
– Rowlf the Dog
– Spuds MacKenzie
– McGruff the Dog
– Clifford the Big Red Dog

Answer: In 1980, the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and the Ad Council introduced McGruff the Crime Dog to the nation and began encouraging Americans to help “Take A Bite Out Of Crime.” Today, more than 93% of children recognize this icon that provides safety tips for adults and kids. Over the years, the Crime Prevention campaign has helped teach kids, teens, and adults about violence and drugs, and the public-service-advertising spots (PSAs) have inspired millions to get involved in building safer, more caring communities

McGruff costumes are used by police outreach efforts, often with children. McGruff was created by Sherry Nemmers and Ray Krivascy in 1979 and debuted in 1980 with a series of Public service announcements educating citizens on personal security measures, such as locking doors and putting lights on timers, in order to reduce crime. His name was selected as part of a nationwide contest in July 1980. McGruff the Crime Dog is an anthropomorphic animated dog created by Dancer Fitzgerald Sample through the Ad Council and later the National Crime Prevention Council to increase crime awareness and personal safety in the United States.

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