Trivia: What pizza chain became the first to deliver pizza to space? – 2017

What pizza chain became the first to deliver pizza to space?
– Papa John’s
– Pizza Hut
– Little Caesars
– Domino’s

Answer: In 2001, Pizza Hut became the first the first company in the world to deliver pizza to space. The pizza was sent the International Space Station (ISS) onboard a resupply rocket. The creation and delivery of the world’s first space-consumable pizza was the culmination of nearly a year of collaboration between Pizza Hut and Russian food scientists. The “space” Pizza Hut pizza delivered to the ISS was topped with salami to enhance the pizza’s flavor because researchers found that pepperoni did not withstand the 60-day testing process. Before final certification for consumption was given, the vacuum-sealed Pizza Hut pizza had to undergo rigorous stabilized thermal conditions to determine freshness-stay and life span.

 Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has announced it will no longer charge a delivery fee for online orders, which can save customers up to $8. The company is boasting that it’s the first of the “Big Three” pizza chains to offer no-cost delivery. However, there’s a slightly sneaky disclaimer that customers need to be aware of.When Was the First Pizza Delivery? Legend has it that when King Umberto I of Italy and Queen Margherita of Savoy were on business in Naples in 1889, she became sick of eating stuffy meals, so she requested to dine on something that the common Italian would eat.

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