Which president banned christmas trees in the white house? – 2017

which president banned christmas trees in the white house?

Teddy Roosevelt

President Coolidge started the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the White House lawn in 1923. Teddy Roosevelt banned the Christmas tree from the White House for environmental reasons.

Theodore Roosevelt, who was president from 1901 to 1908, forbade the display of Christmas trees in the White House. He believed that cutting evergreen trees for decorative purposes caused deforestation and was bad for the environment.

President Franklin Pierce is said to have had the first indoor Christmas tree at the White House during the 1850s, variously reported as 1853 or 1856. Others claim the first tree was during President Benjamin Harrison’s administration (either in 1888, 1889, or 1891).

The European demand for live trees reaches about 50 million per year, compared with the demand for about 35 million of the trees in the United States. Denmark is a major producer of live Christmas trees, about 90 percent are exported to other European nations, such as Great Britain, France, Germany and Austria.

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