10 Ways to Use Facebook for Events – 2017

10 Ways to Use Facebook for Events

Despite the millions of Facebook pages, there is still a common belief that Facebook is only a rendezvous for friends. Harness the power of social media, as most of the mass-targeted B2C (Business to Consumer) businesses happen via social media. Facebook Events can bring a lot of attention to your event. However, it is important to get things right to get maximum turnout for your events. So, let’s see how you can use Facebook Events to get the maximum results:

1) Just the Right Moniker

Choosing a name is a tough task. So, you can choose a name depending upon the online reach you are targeting. You can also use your brand name, if it is unique or carries a higher brand value. The name or the title can be descriptive, optimized for search engines or carry a brand value. Choose whichever will give you the highest turnout.

2) Describe Your Event

Your description must be descriptive, precise and succinct, while you can also throw in a few search terms into the description. Also make it professional, clear, attractive and informative. Try also to generate interests among customers with your description.

3) Be Clear and Professional with the Details

It is also important to be clear and professional with the details of time, venue, etc. Avoid changes in the schedules, as it will affect the mental and physical rhythm of your visitors. And if it is completely unavoidable, notify much in advance and explain them the reasons clearly.

4) Improve Relevance

Facebook is all about relevance. Since it knows people’s interests, it will take your ad or event to those of similar interests. Choose the right Category and Tags, as the information you provide is vital for Facebook to take you to the right audiences.

5) Hashtags

Individual posts on your event page can be hashtagged to a particular news event, popular name, etc. that which is relevant to your event. This will enhance your reach in social media.

6) Event Photo

An attractive Event Photo that acts as the Cover Photo of your event page is the most important. It can draw a lot of visitors on its own, while also improving perceptions of your authenticity and reliability among your visitors.

7) Mark the Venue

Choosing a venue that Facebook is aware of will help your visitors gain more information about the venue. When they hover over the venue’s name, Facebook will show the venue’s page. This is a very useful feature to use on Facebook Events.

8) Keywords are the key

For anything you do on the internet, keywords are the key. It is even more important in search engines and social media. Use keywords as adequately as possible in title, descriptions and tags. Use of keywords that are also search terms can take you places.

9) Engage Users

Users have many questions to ask you. So, engage them by replying to their queries. You can even let them post, as it will add more dynamics to your event generating a lot of buzz, activity and hype.

10) Utilize Facebook Ads

Facebook’s targeted ads can be magical, as it can bring you traffic you never even expected. However, get the basics right and rightly targeted advertisements can bring you exponential results.

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