How to Motivate Your Users to Post about Your Brand – 2017

How to Motivate Your Users to Post about Your Brand

Posts by users, user-generated content and social media have all become so influential in marketing a particular brand. When users themselves begin to own your product and post about it on social media, your product can be termed a huge success. For this to happen, you need to directly, indirectly and constantly motivate users into posting about your brand. Let’s see a few ways through which you can get your users to post about your brand:

1) Post Content to Share

One of the ways that works for sure most times is “posting content”. When you have a very intriguing content that has potential for lengthy discussion, users will likely share your content on their wall. They will then begin to post their own opinions on your brand. They will even invite others to share their views.

While this will act as a sort of indirect brand recommendation, chances are that even direct brand recommendation is possible. However, when it comes to brand recommendation, indirect brand recommendation works better than direct brand recommendation.

Other users might think that the user who shares is biased toward your brand or receives some benefit. So, indirect brand recommendation via discussions, comments, opinions and reviews work far better. These actions can bring maximum reliability to your brand.

2) Encourage Reviews

Encourage reviews directly or indirectly. Indirect encouragement involves sending free pieces or offering them free usage of your services for a short period. You can also take honest feedback and improve your product or service. Many products turned immensely successful after initial feedback and reviews from reviewers. The manufacturers made the negatives into positives and their quick response to feedback, reviews and criticism won them customers’ trust way more than it could normally have.

3) Keep Influencers in Loop

Influencers may be anyone ranging from a candid celebrity on social media or a loyal buyer or a reviewer with a large following. Mention them in your Facebook posts, Tweets, etc. In addition to sharing it on their timelines, they will become happy for your giving them so much importance and mentioning them. It shows them that you are aware of their presence and influence. You also affirm and acknowledge the power they wield over their immediate and extended circles. So, they are sure to enhance your reach and bring more followers to talk about your product.

4) Offers and Rewards

Give them a genuine and interesting offer for posting or tweeting about your product. It can be something creative, interesting or merely their opinion on your product. Select the best ones or the ones that get the most likes or retweets and reward them or gift them a special offer. While this can also help you go viral, use it wisely and appropriately, like these brands did. Take care not to sound or look pushy or desperate to promote your brand.

5) Pay Influencers

You can get influencers’ attention by mentioning them but you can also pay them at times. This is not a healthy practice. Still, you can use them as you use movie or sports stars for endorsements but do not do so for reviews. There are strict regulations in place in some parts of the world against such practice. However, all said and done, making it all look organic is the best method to build your brand!

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